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Bolster your Turnip28 Regiment with Into the Breech.

INTO THE BREECH contains a full unit of Fodder and its command, 16 fantastic multi-pose miniatures.

The set contains enough pieces to make 12 x Infantry Figures, 1 x Champion, 1 x Battle Standard Bearer, 1 x Hogpiper and 1 x Rootling.

An exciting update to the wildly successful Turnip28 Kickstarter’s Forlon Hope, focusing on strength and durability. Tougher Resin and upgraded Parts. There’s never been a sturdier bunch of miserable weirdos.

NOTE: Into the Breech is an update to the Forlorn Hope box set and contains a mix of some of the stronger Forlorn Hope parts and brand new reinforced pieces.

This set does NOT include any bases, mud or static grass tufts and is not The Folorn Hope set. Some parts may vary from those shown.

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